Together with a few friends I have started a collective called Comrades! - we’re a small group of experienced freelance developers who often work together on projects.

We try to keep our eyes open for interesting contracts with nice people that could involve at least a few of us.

To quote the website:

We’re not a company, we’re a group of freelancers who work well together. We can self-organise to form a ready-made team or join an existing group of developers. You can hire some of us or all of us depending on your needs.

We care deeply about the quality of the work we produce. With years of industry experience we have the skills to get things done. We’re keen advocates of agile, testing, best practices and a pragmatic approach to shipping high quality code.

We specialise in full stack web development. Whether you need help scribbling on whiteboards in the planning phase, an MVP web app to validate a business idea or a dev team to come in and work on a production-ready codebase, we can help.

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