Recent work

Business Sparks

A web app that uses AI to create suggestions to help solve business challenges

Design Sparks

A web app that uses AI to create suggestions to help solve challenges for sports coaches


A website for reviewing and booking on-demand workspaces for individuals and companies

Older projects


A web app that uses AI to create suggestions to help inspire sports coaches to solve their challenges


An online advice platform for Rights of Women to record their attendance note data from the phone calls received by their advice lines.


A web app for creating and ordering environmentally-friendly greetings cards


Blending journalistic expertise and AI to combat fake news

The All New Magic Tortoise

A website to promote the art of the all new magic tortoise


New website for an online training platform that sells video-based fitness courses


New website for a running club who train and compete in running and multisport at local, regional, national and international levels

On Moonlight

Microsite to promote the launch of a new On running shoe

Vision Coach

React Native app for people to help manage their eye health

Brighton Astro

The website for our local astronomy group

Wilderness Now

The front-end for a website that allows people to book adventure holidays in the UK


The front-end for a leading e-commerce website selling surf, ski and snowboard gear


A single page app for Irish food tech company Drop

Buttle UK

A website for Buttle UK, the largest grant awarding charity in the UK that focuses solely on children and young people in need


A website for On Running, a Swiss sports brand specialising in innovative running shoes

The Robertson Trust

A website for the Robertson trust, a Scottish organisation responsible for providing funding to people and communities in Scotland


A web app that allows charities to manage how their staff communicate their brand


A small group of experienced freelance web developers who often work together on projects


A booking system for professional training company Decoded


Website for a musician to promote the release of his new album

NHF - Home Truths

An interactive quiz for the National Housing Federation


Working with the in-house development team to help develop their platform

Royal Free

Website for London-based hospital

Conscious Me

Website for a social network start-up

Sarah Lindsay

Website and shop for jewellery designer

Studio Awkward

We were a tribe of creative micro-businesses working together in our Brighton studio


A web app for location-based searching

Team GB Dashboard

A live dashboard and mobile app

Bilbary ebook Reader

A responsive ebook-reading web app

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1

Website for Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes F1 team

Plum Baby

Website for a baby food company

Nokia Push Snowboarding

Website for Nokia Push Snowboarding

McLaren Applied Technologies

Website for McLaren Applied Technologies

Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness

Website for Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness


Website for HandCircus, an indie games developer

Jerwood Arts Laboratory

An experimental website for the Jerwood Visual Arts group. The site is an attempt to document the process of exhibiting art at Jerwood Space in London Bridge

Npower Brighter Energy Debate

An interactive debate website allowing members of the public the chance to ask questions about npower and the energy industry.

DigitalUK Postcode Checker

A website aimed at providing UK citizens with information regarding their switchover dates for digital television services

Boots Summer Checklist

A microsite aimed at providing holidaymakers with a checklist of items they might need for their summer holiday

Best Buy UK

HTML templates for Best Buy UK

Cupboard Under the Stairs

The Cupboard Under the Stairs are a design collective who make things, a “multi-disciplinary art and design practice devoted to telling stories in 2D and 3D”

BBC Celebrity Scissorhands

Website for the BBC Celebrity Scissorhands television show microsite

Toshiba Brand Guidelines

Website created for employees and agencies working for Toshiba, allowing them to access the latest brand guidelines

Sony Bravia Advert - Paint

A blog-fodder site for the Sony BRAVIA ‘paint’ advert

Sony Bravia Advert - Balls

Website providing information about Sony’s “bouncing balls” advert

Riversdale Consulting

Website for a firm of financial recruitment consultants based in Farringdon


An intranet web application for law firm Linklaters

Kingston University

A redesign of the Kingston University website

Kingston University: Creative Economy

Kingston University Microsite highlighting their Creative Masters courses


Website for JCDecaux, provider of ‘outdoor advertising solutions’

Fortis Lifeplotter

Created the PHP backend for a Flash application


Lead developer on the build of the Daihatsu UK website


Website for London-based advertising agency Chick Smith Trott