A website intended to ‘blend journalistic expertise and AI to combat fake news’

The objective of the DMINR project is to investigate technologies that are sympathetic to the way journalists work.

I helped to create a tool to help journalists work with big data and conduct investigations in the digital era.

DMINR is a joint collaboration between the Department of Journalism and the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design at City, University of London.

Technical solution

The backend is a Django-based application that interacts with several third-party APIs to retrieve relevant data based on a user’s search request.

The front-end is a React web app built using Material UI reusable components.

The front-end also contains a visualisation build with D3 to help users understand the connections between different entities.

My role

I created the backend Django application, the front-end React web app and the D3 visualisation.

Desktop Screenshots